Spring 2021

Featured Stories: Spring 2021

Dancing on the Ceiling

At Walgreens, I’m both anxious and elated to get the vaccine.
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Bodies Inside the Store

Race, social class, and Amazon at Whole Foods
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Why Your Kindergartener Needs a Lesson in Digital Citizenship

Or how to address the powerlessness students feel when asked to find a reliable source.
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Low Tide

We can breathe the fresh air and be together, though six-feet apart.
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The Social Media War

Can I figure out which side of an issue I’m supposed to land on by the end of a thread?
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Caffe Beano – What Makes a Place Legend?

A Calgary cafe thrives against all odds.
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Amend Section 230

Online speech is now a weapon against our republic.
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Dissolving Disinformation

Growing up in North Carolina, I heard many pieces of disinformation.
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