Bodies Inside the Store

Photo taken by author

I wanted a break – a mini-vacation from the turmoil of the last year and a half.

I also wanted and needed vine-ripened tomatoes.

Race, Social Class, and the Selective Ubiquity of Amazon at Whole Foods

It. Is. Bright.

And … I am not referring to the lights in the building. It’s three o’clock in the afternoon on the Monday before Easter, and the Whole Foods Market at Garden City Center in Cranston, Rhode Island is busy. According to the Providence Journal, the store opened in 2007, heartily welcomed by the local community – ready for an upgrade from the former occupant of the space, Shaw’s Market.

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Low Tide

Bubbles and Breaths on the Oregon Coast

Cannon Beach and Haystack Rock from the hills.

There are few places that will capture the imagination of a two-year old, thirty-somethings, retirees, and an English bulldog alike. The rugged Oregon coast is just that place. Beaches stretch on for miles peppered with giant rock formations. The vastness and power of the ocean is made known as waves crash against these rocks as big as buildings. But it’s not the big things that have interested the few people gathered, sporting unconventional beach attire – puffy winter coats and woolen hats.

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