Why Your Kindergartener Needs a Lesson in Digital Citizenship

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Not Published, Nicole. “What Is a Safe Cell Phone Distance from a Baby?” Educate EMF, 1 Jan. 2021, educateemf.com/what-is-a-safe-cell-phone-distance-from-a-baby/.

The research unit… If you are an English teacher or Language Arts teacher in K-12 schools, I don’t need to include the adjective “dreaded.” Before you even pass out the assignment sheet, your students squeeze their head between their hands and slump over their desks weighted down by the expectation to write 3-5 pages and cite multiple sources.

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The Social Media War

And Its Many Smaller Battles

I spend a lot of time on my phone nowadays – as we all do – cycling through various social media apps to see what my friends are doing, entertain myself, or just kill time. This means I see hundreds of posts every day. Some I scroll by and others I read through entirely, but either way they are making their way into my subconscious brain.

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Amend Section 230

CC-BY 2021 Jorge Franganillo

“Wake up, Dave,” my 47-year-old neighbor told me. “They’re lying to you. The world is flat.” He wasn’t joking, and he wasn’t dissuaded when I informed him that I had directly observed the Earth’s curvature while perched atop the sail of a surfaced submarine in the open ocean on a calm day. Of course, nonsense on the internet fueled my neighbor’s delusion.

Earth (according to my neighbor)
CC-BY 2008 A. Siegel
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